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Yelena Belova was trained & brainwashed by the Red Room and made it her mission to defeat black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). Instead, Natasha helped Yelena move away from Russia and the Red Room và Yelena now serves as the trắng Widow và Natasha’s ally.

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When 15 years old, Yelena was chosen for training as a potential đen Widow. Her predecessor Natasha Romanoff was no longer loyal to lớn Russia. Yelena trained for a decade in the Red Room, an academy for intelligence operatives. She came khổng lồ view her trainer Pyotr Vasilievich Starkovsky as a father figure. Unknown khổng lồ her Starkovsky was physically attracted khổng lồ his student. Meanwhile Yelena started feeling inferior & inadequate to Romanoff which she unconsciously idolized. Starkovsky was unwilling to compromise her trust by admitting his attraction. Instead he turned khổng lồ the Fabrika fetish sex club which provided for him a look-alike of Yelena. Said look-alike, Petra, was made to lớn look even further lượt thích Yelena & even given a black Widow costume. Starkovsky wanted to be first dominated by Petra and her whips. Then to have sex with her. In both cases what he would like to vày with Yelena. He shared every little detail about Yelena with Petra, even information supposed to lớn be classified. Unbeknown khổng lồ him Petra was becoming obsessed with her new black Widow identity and was already psychotic. She lost control & killed Starkovsky during one of their sessions.

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Yelena Belova was created by J.G. Jones và Devin Grayson & first appeared in Inhumans Vol.2 issue 5 (1999) (a comic that was written by Paul Jenkins & drawn by Jae Lee) but her background was only detailed in “Black Widow: Pale Little Spider” #1-3 (June-August, 2002).

Major Story Arcs

Black Widows

During her time in the black Widow program, Yelena scored excellently on her latest tests. Instead of being happy she noted that Romanova had scored even better in the same tests. The fact that Romanova was four year younger when she passed the tests did not improve the way Yelena felt. She was then informed of Starkovsky’s death. Val Dobrova và Maksim Kushikov Golitsyn of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department were already investigating the case. However Yelena decided to investigate herself and assigned the autopsy lớn Captain Anzehlika Medvedev, an associate from the Red Room. Entering the Fabrika she was taunted by Nikki, its mistress/owner. She was then led to meet Petra, shocked to stare at a mirror image of herself.

In #2 (July, 2002), Nikki explained lớn Yelena all about her mentor’s lusts. But reassured her that Petra was harmless. Meanwhile Petra had left the room và assassinated Golitsyn. In #3(August, 2002), Petra assassinated Dobrova as well. Yelena và Nikki soon discovered the bodies và were attacked by Petra. Nikki was knocked out first. Yelena found herself in a battle concerning which of the two was the real black Widow. Shocked at first, Yelena decided on getting vengeance và went in for the kill, breaking Petra’s neck. She proceeded khổng lồ proudly accept the role of the new black Widow. She remained unaware that Nikki was actually Captain Lubyev of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) and that the incident was partly orchestrated as her graduation test.

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According to black Widow vol. 1 #1 (June, 1999), Yelena became the first student in the history of the Red Room khổng lồ surpass Natasha’s score in their overall tests. She grew to lớn view Romanoff as a traitor & wished for an opportunity khổng lồ face her predecessor. In “Inhumans” vol. 3 #5 (March, 1999), General Stalyenko assigned Yelena with the delivery of a certain device to lớn Mr. Bixby, an American intelligence operative. The device was intended to neutralize the barrier protecting Attilan, main thành phố of the Inhumans, from the outside world. She delivered the device & gave instructions for it to Bixby but had no further involvement in the conflict.

In đen Widow vol. 1 #1 -2 (June-July, 1999), Yelena was assigned lớn retrieve the “Deathless Frenzy”, a bio-weapon which been sold lớn Colonel Khan of Rhapastan. Learning that the “Americans” had assigned Romanoff with the same mission, Yelena saw it as an opportunity to face her predecessor. She stalked Natasha all the way khổng lồ Rhapastan but found herself ambushed by a number of soldiers. Yelena and Natasha briefly joined forces in incapacitating their attackers. But then Yelena declared her intentions lớn prove khổng lồ be Natasha’s superior và even threatened to kill her predecessor. Natasha however soon managed to escape with a stolen truck và several written documents on the bio-weapon. She left Yelena to lớn fend for herself against reinforcements arriving on the scene. But Yelena actually managed to lớn stow away on the truck.

In the present portion of #2 (July, 1999), Yelena ambushed Natasha while the later was still driving the truck. The senior đen Widow drove the truck off a cliff and escaped to lớn a waiting motorboat in the water below. Yelena was left behind but did manage khổng lồ catch up to lớn her rival eventually, only khổng lồ be knocked lớn the ground by Natasha. Natasha started delivering a lesson concerning how intelligence operatives should not follow orders blindly, only for SHIELD agents to lớn seemingly shoot và kill her from a distance.

In #3 (August, 1999) it was revealed that Natasha was faking her death khổng lồ get Yelena off her back for a while. The SHIELD agents were following her orders và were only using rubber bullets. The agents allowed Yelena to escape & she managed lớn reach Khan’s camp. There she was captured on entry. Meanwhile Natalia infiltrated the camp successfully, posing as a nurse. While tending lớn the wounds of the various hospitalized soldiers, Romanoff was actually vaccinating them against the bio-weapon. She also vaccinated herself và Yelena, who managed khổng lồ escape captivity on her own. Khan unleashed the bio-weapon which was intended to turn his soldiers into berserkers who would blindly attack any enemy target. Instead everyone was vaccinated in the immediate area of the camp, except Khan himself. While Natasha fought and defeated the berserker Colonel, Yelena prepared to shoot her rival in the back. Natasha stopped her in time & convinced Yelena lớn wait for a rematch. Yelena learned at least one lesson & faked her death while evacuating the area.