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Ronaldo misses a sitter, không tính tiền in the middle, ten yards out. A wild blast over. See, kids, he is human after all. Then Juventus nearly claim a consolation, first through Higuain and then Cuadrado. But they can’t force the ball home, và it’s all over. The reigning European champions are as good as in the semi-finals already, having ripped last year’s runners up to lớn bits. The icing on the cake: Ronaldo’s sensational bicycle kick, a goal you’ll be seeing again, & again, và again, & again. Và you’ll not get sick of it either. Three in a row suddenly seems a very real prospect.

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90 min: Ronaldo dribbles down the left with hat-trick scoring intent. He enters the box and fires hard towards the bottom left. Buffon tips the ball round the post. The corner leads lớn nothing. But Real come back at Juve again. Asensio has a whack from just inside the area. Buffon gathers a poor attempt easily enough.

87 min: Real are toying with Juventus now. They ping the ball hither và yon. Eventually it’s teed up for Kovacic, who twangs the crossbar from the edge of the area.

85 min: Ronaldo races down the inside-left channel and tries khổng lồ flick over Buffon, but doesn’t work out his angles correctly this time.


84 min: Marcelo strides down the left and crosses deep. Ronaldo rises high at the far post, in tìm kiếm of his hat-trick. Buffon, whose dream of completing his phối with a Champions League medal is in ruins, rises higher to claim.

82 min: Asensio romps down the left và pulls one back into the centre for Modric, who tries khổng lồ flash an outside-of-foot worldie into the đứng top right. It’s wild. & it’s his last act of the evening. He’s replaced by Kovacic.

78 min: Quite a few Juve fans have chipped off already. The many who remain have fallen silent. But credit where it’s due: their collective sporting reaction to lớn Ronaldo’s goal reflects very well on them. Ronaldo accepted their applause graciously too. A lovely moment, though bittersweet as hell for the bianconeri.

76 min: Cuadrado replaces Khedira, while Asensio comes on for Isco. “Pele’s goal in Escape lớn Victory was just a little bit better,” claims David Bull. Who could argue?

74 min: The thing is, Juve haven’t done that much wrong. They’ve just been run ragged by the reigning champs. Again. Few teams would have an answer to lớn this.

Marcelo cuts in from the left và one-twos with Isco khổng lồ his left. Then he one-twos with Ronaldo khổng lồ his right. Then he rounds Buffon on the right và pokes into an empty net. That’s a wonderful goal, though it looks slightly ordinary in the context of what Ronaldo’s just done. Still. Juve’s hearts are broken.


71 min: Ronaldo shanks a shot wide right from 12 yards. He’s only human after all. “I’m not much of a Juve fan, but seeing reaction shots of Buffon looking sad makes my heart ache,” writes Kári Tulinius. “I rarely root for him, but it takes a heart of stone lớn root against him.”

68 min: Ronaldo lets a smile play across his lips. He’s earned the right. That bicycle kick was beyond brilliant. You’ll be seeing it a few times.

66 min: A high kick into Carvajal’s ribs, in the middle of the park. It looked more clumsy than aggressive, but that’s a second yellow, và Juve’s Champions League chiến dịch is falling to bits in double-quick time.


Chiellini & Buffon get into a tangle, the former poking the ball past his own keeper as he rushes from his line. Ronaldo gets onto the loose ball, & threatens lớn shoot from a tight angle on the left. He can’t find space, so tees up Vazquez instead. Vazquez shoots for the đứng đầu right. Buffon, recovering, parries magnificently. The ball breaks khổng lồ the right. Carvajal hooks it back into the centre ... Where Ronaldo, his back lớn goal on the penalty spot, sends an overhead kick into the top right! He steered that magnificently! Perfection! Buffon was rooted, and had no chance! và the Juve fans stand as one khổng lồ applaud the sheer brilliance of the man. That was sensational!


62 min: Space for Asamoah on the left. He’s got men in the box, but blooters his cross over the area & to safety on the other wing. Marcelo waltzes off with the ball.

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60 min: Something of a lull, which will vì chưng the European champions nicely. Juve need lớn up the tempo here.

57 min: Barzagli fannies about on the edge of his own box. Isco barges him off the ball và Ronaldo is clear on goal! But the referee gives Juve a không tính tiền kick. That’s pretty generous. Juve breathe again.

56 min: Dybala looks lớn flip one over the wall and into the top right. Navas goes off after it. But the ball deflects off the wall - Ronaldo, by the looks of it - và flies in the other direction! It’s surely going to nestle into the unguarded left-hand side of the net. Time stands still ... Và the ball somehow flies out of play for a corner, to lớn the left of the post. That didn’t look physically likely. And the resulting corner comes to lớn nothing.

55 min: Dybala dances down the middle of the park. He’s cynically barged from behind by Ramos, who is shown a yellow card. Real Madrid’s captain will now miss the second leg. And this is a không lấy phí kick, just outside the Real D. Dybala springs up. He fancies this all right.

53 min: Ramos takes his sweet time to lớn get back on his feet. The Juve fans don’t appreciate his time-management skills.

52 min: Carvajal knocks Higuain khổng lồ the ground, & this is a chance for Juve khổng lồ load the box. The ball’s pumped into the mixer. Bedlam. Navas accidentally whacks his own man Ramos upside the head. Ooyah, oof. Higuain snatches at an effort from outside the area: it’s well over the bar.

50 min: Benzema robs Bentancur in the midfield, then races down the right. He bursts into the area but can’t quite sort his feet out for a shot. No worries. The ball breaks to lớn the right for Ronaldo, who shoots low from an absurd angle, his effort nearly nestling into the bottom left. The ball flies inches wide of the post. So close to lớn a second that would put Juventus in all sorts of bother.

48 min: Now Costa skitters down the right, putting Real very much on the back foot. He curls one across the face of the Real goal. Nobody in black and white stripes anticipates the fine cross. The ball bounces apologetically out of play to the left of the goal.

47 min: Douglas Costa spreads a ball down the left for Asamoah, who briefly threatens to lớn break into the Real box. Not quite. But Juve have come out with the air of men who know they realistically need something in the next 45 minutes.

Both teams have been lively in attack. But it’s the visitors who have the precious away goal. That Cristiano Ronaldo, huh? A scorer now in ten consecutive Champions League games!

45 min: Dybala tries lớn nip through a gap between Casemiro & Modric on the edge of the Real box. He goes over Casemiro’s leg. Too easily, says the referee. Booking.

Paulo Dybala dramatically falls between Luka Modric and Casemiro và earns himself a card. Photograph: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images